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Vinyl records


about the project

This was a research project that dug deep into music and design. Each record tells a story about the music and time of the release.

service provided

Package Design

VirtualPortfolio 202042.png
VirtualPortfolio 202043.png
VirtualPortfolio 202044.png
VirtualPortfolio 202045.png
VirtualPortfolio 202046.png
VirtualPortfolio 202047.png
VirtualPortfolio 202048.png
VirtualPortfolio 202049.png
VirtualPortfolio 202050.png
VirtualPortfolio 202051.png
VirtualPortfolio 202052.png
VirtualPortfolio 202053.png
VirtualPortfolio 202054.png
VirtualPortfolio 202055.png
VirtualPortfolio 202056.png
VirtualPortfolio 202058.png
VirtualPortfolio 202057.png
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